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Rain Barrel Hand Pump Stand

Rain Barrel Hand Pump Stand

Rain Barrel Hand Pump Stand

If you harvest rainwater with a rain barrel to freely water your plants, garden, lawn, trees, or landscape, but find it hard to reach the spigot or get your watering can beneath it, then check out this cool new yet quite old-fashioned Satellite Rain Barrel Pump Stand. This convenient hand pump stand connects to a rain barrel to not only act as an 26.4 gallon rainwater expansion tank, but to also make it simple to access it with just a few pumps of the lever.

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  • This hand pump for your rain barrel is reminiscent of old-time well pumps
  • Cleverly designed to help you easily access your precious rainwater
  • Acts as an expansion tank for your rain barrel
  • Old-world-style pump connects to your rain barrel with the 4' connector hose
  • Will have the water flowing with just a few quick pumps
  • Twin threaded outlets allow you to daisy-chain multiple rain barrels
  • Fun and practical
  • No more stooping down to access a hard-to-reach spigot on your rain barrel or fighting to get the watering can under it
  • Includes connector hose, connection fittings, and outlet cap
  • Capacity: 26.4 gallons

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