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Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes

Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes

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Tired of killing all of your houseplants by forgetting to water them, under-watering them, over-watering them, or just plain drowning them? Going on vacation and need someone to help water your plants? Then simply insert these cool new Totem Self-Watering Spikes into the soil next to them and enjoy living plants for once. These convenient and quite sculpturally decorative terra cotta watering spikes naturally seep water to a plant's roots for up to 1 week and help to keep them hydrated when you're away or just when you have forgotten once again. Just stick them in the soil, fill with water, and go do something way, way more fun. Available in two sizes.

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Minimalist Blossom Well Vase
Sometimes keeping it simple is better. This minimalist vase holds a single flower of your choice upright with a wire and stores water in an indented well in the base.
Triple Hanging Planter Metal Garden Trellis
This tall metal trellis elevates plants and blooms, gives support to vines and climbing plants, provides privacy, and adds decorative height to landscaping.
LGarden - Elevated Gardening System
An innovative elevated gardening system that can be easily moved to follow the sun, avoid rain and wind, or make room for visitors, provides enough space for 15 mature vegetable plants including deep rooted varieties, and at 32 inches off the gound, makes plants and flowers easier to maintain and harvest, eliminating back and knee strain.
GIO MONSTER - This Gigantic Flower Pot Stands Over 6 Feet Tall!
When you absolutely, positively have to have one of the largest flower pots on the planet, right in your very own backyard (or front), look no further than the cool new GIO MONSTER from Italian designer Gio Colonna Romano. This massive flower pot stands over six feet tall and is nearly seven feet in diameter, yet looks just like a typical little flower pot.
Zombie Planter - Grow Your Own Zombie!
When you plant all these dead humans in the ground, all in a row, it's not surprising that zombies burst forth from that fertile cemetery soil to seek nourishment. Now you can easily grow your own zombie too right in your home or the office.
Stackable Herb and Flower Drying Racks
Why spend a ton of money on overpriced stale herbs at the grocery store when you can simply dry your own at home using these cool new Stackable Herb and Flower Drying Racks.
Disco Ball Hanging Planter
Your houseplant will love the daytime sun and the sparkling nightlife when planted in this cool new yet quite retro 12 Inch Disco Ball Indoor Hanging Planter.
Modular Circle Wall Trellis
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Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
Combines a juicer and funnel into one for quickly adding a splash of seed-free lemon juice to bottled water, lime juice to beer, and more.
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
Years ago, Amish farmers noticed that they had more energy and felt healthier when drinking the natural distillate collected during the boiling process of reducing maple tree sap into maple syrup.
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
This giant water blasting turret connects to the hose to unleash an endless supply of water ammo up to 30 feet while it oscillates back and forth.
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
Pure water is refreshing, but completely tasteless, so if you want to enjoy a bit of flavor with yours on a hot summer day or need a healthy alternative to sugary drinks, check out this cool new Water Ball Infuser!
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
The red ball shows the hour, the white ball shows the minute, and they both magically circle around in the water like a traditional analog clock via two rotating magnets embedded in the ceramic base.
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
The ZeroWater system ensures cleaner, better tasting water without the expense and waste of bottled water.
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
This informative plant hanging hook has a color indicator that shows green when it's properly watered and only red when the planter has become dry and lighter in weight!
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
Easily turn the water on or off at the outdoor faucet with just a push of a button. Single- or double-tap versions.
Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes
Designed to look like a miniature medical IV drip bag, this fun automatic irrigation system for houseplants keeps them properly watered for up to 7 days with no doctors, nurses, or green thumbs required.

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