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Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes

Totem - Slow-Release Terra-Cotta Plant Watering Spikes

Tired of killing all of your houseplants by forgetting to water them, under-watering them, over-watering them, or just plain drowning them? Going on vacation and need someone to help water your plants? Then simply insert these cool new Totem Self-Watering Spikes into the soil next to them and enjoy living plants for once. These convenient and quite sculpturally decorative terra cotta watering spikes naturally seep water to a plant's roots for up to 1 week and help to keep them hydrated when you're away or just when you have forgotten once again. Just stick them in the soil, fill with water, and go do something way, way more fun. Available in two sizes.


  • Totem slo-flo self-watering cone
  • Terra cotta watering spike naturally seeps water to plant roots over an extended period of time
  • Just set it, fill it, and forget it
  • Slow-release watering spike keeps plants happy
  • Slowly releases water for up to 1 week
  • Plants stay consistently hydrated
  • Use regularly or when you go on vacation
  • Decorative and functional
  • Materials: 100% Terra Cotta
  • Small Size: 1" Diameter x 7-7/8" H
  • Large Size: 2" Diameter x 11-7/8" H

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