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Giant Dragon's Eye Candle Holder

Giant Dragon's Eye Candle Holder

Giant Dragon's Eye Candle Holder

This cool new Dragon's Eye Candle Holder is a massive ceramic candle holder / sculpture in the shape of a ferocious fire-breathing dragon's eye that can be placed indoors or out to provide illumination in the darkness and to terrify all who get close enough to gaze into it. This nearly two foot wide candle holder is realistically cast in real ceramic clay with vibrant colors and has an opening in the back to insert a candle or other other light source. Obviously, you're going to need two of these terrifying dragon eyes to truly instill real fear in the thick blackness of night. If they blink... RUN!

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  • Ceramic dragon's eye sculpture
  • This unique ceramic piece captures the terror and wonder of a giant dragon's eye
  • Cast in real clay ceramic
  • Almost two feet wide
  • Opening in the back allows you to insert a candle or electric lights (not included)
  • Frighteningly realistic details and vibrant colors
  • For indoor or outdoor display
  • Size: 16.5" L x 22" W x 14" H

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