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Raised Upside-Down Tomato Planter and Herb Garden

Raised Upside-Down Tomato Planter and Herb Garden

This cool new Raised Tomato Planter is an outdoor raised garden planter that grows vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers upside down from beneath the full planter on top, which can be used to grow herbs, flowers, and more topside. Upside-down grown tomatoes actually thrive growing in this position and it also eliminates the hassles of weeding, pests, and flimsy cages. The raised planter also makes it easier to access and requires no bending over or kneeling in the dirt when planting. Perfect for balconies, sunny porches, or anywhere you wish to add a unique decorative/gardening touch.


  • Outdoor raised-garden container
  • Upside-down vegetables grow through the bottom and flowers or herbs grow on top
  • Hanging plants get great air circulation, watering is easier to control, and fertilizer never touches the plants or fruit
  • Easy access without kneeling in dirt
  • Less weeding, less pests, and no soil compaction
  • Accessible, requires no bending or kneeling
  • Food-grade, BPA-free polymer
  • Resists cracks, rot & warping
  • All-season versatility
  • Size: 36" W x 24" D x 53" H - 42 lbs

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