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Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk

Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk

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Stuck working from home and need a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery? Need a convenient, space-saving table for your balcony to dine on or serve up party appetizers? Then check out this cool new Tavolo Fold Away Table. This convenient outdoor folding table / work desk securely hangs from a balcony railing and can be height-adjusted to fit most people. It features a fusion rubber grip padding on the table surface and backsplash, an all-weather / UV resistant design, and lies down flat when not in use to save space. Hang multiple for an even larger work or entertaining surface. Now all you have to worry about is the wind blowing all your important work documents all over the city or neighborhood.

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Magic Mirror Infinite Motion Table
Beneath the glass of this hypnotic table are 10 polished stainless steel cubes that appear to be frozen in time while rolling around in a circular infinite motion.
Octopus Coffee Table
A stunning round outdoor table with a pedestal base sculpted to resemble the eight curling arms of an octopus.
Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table
Beneath the oval tempered glass table top is a stunningly detailed diorama depicting the Millennium Falcon navigating through an asteroid field just like in The Empire Strikes Back.
Giant Rubber Ducky Sculptural Side Table
This whimsical, gigantic version of a little yellow rubber ducky toy is actually a non-floating, sculptural side table that can hold things for you on top.
Chunky Timber Coffee Table
A rustic low profile coffee table that is crafted from reclaimed beams of Douglas fir, yet is actually more lightweight than it looks.
Float - Magnetized Levitating Wooden Cubes Table
A giant handcrafted cube table comprised of smaller magnetic wooden cubes that all repel away from each other, yet are held precisely in place as if they're levitating by a system of tensile steel cables.
Driftwood Stump and Concrete Dining Table
This cool new Driftwood and Concrete Table is sure to stun your dining guests with its glass smooth concrete tabletop resting upon an almost sculptural base made from an authentic driftwood stump.
Star Wars Return of the Jedi Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table Concept
While this cool new Sarlacc Pit Coffee Table from Regal Robot is just a concept rendering of a coffee table featuring the almighty Sarlacc from Star Wars Return of the Jedi hungrily waiting down in the sandy Pit of Carkoon, it could actually be yours to toss an old Boba Fett action figure into if you commission this design into reality.
Summerwood Bar Height Fire Table
While it may look like a gigantic tree stump, this cool new Summerwood Fire Table is actually a standing bar height patio table with a propane-fueled fire pit in the center that's perfect for entertaining guests outdoors.

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Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
It may look like real stack of carefully balanced smooth river stones in your garden with gently falling water cascading down the sides, but these faux stones are made from realistically textured and colored polyresin that can be stacked any way you like.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
This sculptural woodland creature-inspired outdoor fountain is handcrafted by artisans from metal into the shape of a large deer with seven levels of water cascading down from its antler points.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
Surrender to blissful serenity with this tall jar fountain that combines peaceful trickling water and a flaming torch on top just above the waterline.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
This sculptural bowl-shaped concrete fountain / planter combines the soothing sounds of trickling water with the natural beauty of plants and flowers.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
Simply fill the bowl with water, gently rub the handles and eventually the sonic vibrations will make the bowl sing as well as splash the water up and down like it was dancing.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
This fun, double-take-inducing bronze pond spitter looks like a hippo head has emerged from the water and is spraying dual streams of water out from its nose.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
Make your backyard the most popular spot in the neighborhood for your favorite feathered friends with this cool new Bernini Hanging Dual Bird Feeder and Water Fountain that combines a bird feeder, bird bath, and water fountain.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
Add a splash of serenity to your patio, deck, or balcony as you enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water coming from these sculptural concrete water fountains with built-in LED lighting.
Balcony Railing Folding Table / Work Desk
This tropical centerpiece fuses a recirculating water fountain, a realistic yet faux Ultra Fire LED fireplace, and a classic laughing or possibly screaming tiki face.

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