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Magic Mirror Infinite Motion Table

Magic Mirror Infinite Motion Table

Magic Mirror Infinite Motion Table

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Your coffee table doesn't have to be the most boring thing in your home, it can be a full blown work of art like this cool new Magic Mirror Table from designer Chris Duffy at Duffy London. Beneath the glass of this hypnotic table are 10 polished stainless steel cubes that appear to be frozen in time while rolling around in a circular infinite motion. These stunning zoetropic-esque tables are handcrafted and limited to only 25 editions.


  • Designer: Chris Duffy
  • Table gives the impression of continuous motion, although the table is stationary
  • Reminiscent of a string of metallic gemstones, each merging into the next, with an M.C. Escher style representation
  • Has a zoetropic feeling, like Sisyphus rolling a boulder in an infinite circle
  • Handmade to order by local artisans and in-house craftsmen, using ethically sourced materials
  • Limited to 25 editions
  • Materials: Polished Stainless Steel, Glass
  • Size: 4.5' D x 1.3' H

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