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Outdoor Wine Barrel Table

Outdoor Wine Barrel Table

Outdoor Wine Barrel Table

Give your patio some rustic wine country charm with these unique Wine Barrel Tables. These weather-proof outdoor tables are crafted from one half of a reclaimed oak wine barrel that displays the winery of origin's imprint, retains the deep purple or red colors from the wine, and may even still emit a faint aroma. It's the perfect table for wine lovers, coopers, and Donkey Kong.

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  • Weather-proof outdoor tables created by artisans from halved repurposed oak wine barrels
  • Tables display the winery of origin's imprint
  • The color is a result of the wine it once held and you may even be able to detect a remaining aroma
  • Created from genuine recycled wine barrels, so
  • Size: 18" H x 28" Diameter

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