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HoHoHoH2o - Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System in Disguise

HoHoHoH2o - Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System in Disguise

HoHoHoH2o - Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System in Disguise

If you'll be dragging a fresh cut Christmas tree into your home this holiday season, now you can keep it fresh without needing to constantly crawl underneath it to refill the water in the stand with this cool new HoHoHoH2o. While it may look like a normal gift-wrapped present beneath the tree, it's actually a discreet automatic tree watering device in disguise that senses low water levels and then pumps in more as needed. When Rudolf's nose on the lid of the present flashes red, it indicates that you need to conveniently refill the reservoir hidden inside the box. Just attach the water tube and sensor to the tree, fill the tank with 2.5 gallons of water, turn it on, and enjoy the festivities around a non-dried out tree. Great solution.

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  • HoHoHoH2o Automatic Christmas Tree Watering System Device
  • World's first automatic Christmas tree watering system
  • Helps keeps your Christmas tree healthy and fresh
  • Looks just like a real present that will blend right in under your tree
  • Maintains the proper level of water in a Christmas tree stand to retain freshness longer
  • Eliminates the hassle of crawling under the tree to water it manually
  • Water sensor placed in the tree stand triggers an electric pump that delivers water to the stand through a tube connected to a water tank
  • Refillable 2.5 gallons capacity box
  • Simply attach the water tube + sensor to the trunk of the tree, fill the tank, plug it in, and turn it on
  • When your tank is low on water, our flashing light reminds you that it is time for you to refill the tank with water
  • Housed in a decoratively wrapped package (red or silver) that sits under the tree

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