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Metal Raised Garden Bed Planters

Metal Raised Garden Bed Planters

Metal Raised Garden Bed Planters

These cool new Metal Raised Bed Planters are sleek and sturdy 22-gauge steel raised garden beds that require little to no maintenance and allow earlier planting in the spring because the soil heats up faster than in wooden beds. The heavy gauge steel resists bending and buckling, is galvanized and powder-coated to prevent rust, has a central support for extra strength, and an additional strengthening groove along the side. With a deep 15" planting depth, it can handle most garden crops or even an arch or trellis to support vining vegetables. Best of all, it just looks infinitely better in the backyard than a typical in-ground garden plot or wooden bed that's falling apart. Check out the video below to learn more.

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  • Sturdy 22 Gauge steel - Galvanized and powder-coated to prevent rust
  • Heavy-gauge steel resists bending and buckling
  • Generous 15" planting depth makes these beds ideal for any crop you want to try in your garden
  • Deep enough for an arch or trellis for vining vegetables like squash, peas, and cucumbers
  • Will last for years and requires little to no maintenance
  • Metal raised beds allow the heat from early spring sunshine to heat up the soil faster than wooden or in-ground beds, so you can plant earlier in the season
  • Central support that ties the long sides together, further strengthening the design
  • Attractive groove that travels the length isn't just pretty, it adds even more strength
  • Size: 45" W x 90" L x 15" H - 60 lbs

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