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Birch Bee Log

Birch Bee Log

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"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." - Albert Einstein

The busy little bee not only makes honey, it's vital to pollinating many plants, flowers and crops that provide over one third of the food supply to the planet. If all the recent reports of the bee population dwindling are true, then we could be in a bit of a situation.

One simple way you can help restore and provide a home to nature's official workforce, is to hang one of these cool new Birch Bee Logs from a tree in your yard or garden. This decorative bee house is made from natural birch timber, natural cane tubes and seagrass and attracts highly pollinating solitary bees like the Blue Orchard Bee. Unlike ornery social bees like Honeybees, solitary bees are either stingless or sting only in self-defense, so just leave them alone and admire them as they do their job. Even if this single bee house doesn't save the Earth from hunger, at least your garden will flourish in the meantime.

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Birch Bee Log
These faux wooden railroad ties look just like the real thing, except they're made from lightweight recycled rubber and are much, much easier to install.
Birch Bee Log
Rather than standing around with the hose, spot watering of your lawn or garden, just stake this hands-free sprinkler into the ground to deliver a precise fan-shaped spray up to 20' across.
Birch Bee Log
These portable mahogany wine tables securely spike into the ground, have a wood-covered metal-lined bottle cooler in the center, and two slots for hanging stemware.
Birch Bee Log
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Birch Bee Log
A portable all-in-one heavy-gauge steel fire pit, campfire stove, and incinerator.
Birch Bee Log
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Birch Bee Log
Make an evening outdoors truly magical when you scatter some of these glowing Fairy Berries around the yard, in the trees or in the pool!
Birch Bee Log
A kinetic metal sculpture of an owl for your yard or garden that rocks back and forth and flaps its large wings in the wind or with a gentle push.
Birch Bee Log
These flat-backed, semi-circle shaped planters are made in Tuscany and sit flush up against a wall, fence, or other vertical surface to save valuable space.

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