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Alexandria Chicken Coop and Run

Alexandria Chicken Coop and Run

Alexandria Chicken Coop and Run

The cool new Alexandria Chicken Coop and Run lets you raise free-roaming chickens safely and easily in your backyard, providing you and your family with a daily supply of fresh eggs. If you have the right amount of space, are allowed to raise chickens in your neighborhood and have understanding neighbors, this could be a fun, educational and interesting way to get your eggs.

The coop is hand-built from solid pine and exterior-grade plywood, topped with a cedar-shake roof and has three built-in nest boxes that provide enough room for up to six hens. If you have a fenced in yard, you can let the chickens roam through your garden, since they're excellent at helping to control insects and pests, but if you don't or are worried about predators in the area, you can also get the optional chicken run that attaches securely to the coop to give them a safe, enclosed outdoor space to get fresh air, exercise and foraging opportunities.

Raising chickens is definitely not for everyone, but I think it would be kind of cool and if you throw in a rooster, you can replace your alarm clock for something more reliable and even more annoying to wake up to.

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