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Cedar Chicken Coop and Run with Garden Planter

Cedar Chicken Coop and Run with Garden Planter

Cedar Chicken Coop and Run with Garden Planter

The cool thing about raising chickens and letting them roam around in the backyard is that you get the freshest FREE eggs every morning for breakfast, an insect and pest-free, extra-fertilized lawn and garden as they forage about, and a unique pet that you will never be able to catch. So if you're not on a farm, but want to raise them in the backyard of your home, then check out this cool new Cedar Chicken Coop and Run with Garden Planter.

This roomy, yet compact backyard chicken coop is hand-built in the USA from sustainably harvested western red cedar and can easily accommodate 4 hens or up to 6 if you let them roam freely during the day. It features a watertight interior, two removable nesting boxes, an easy to reach back door egg collection hatch, a 25 square foot mesh-enclosed run, a galvanized-metal roof, and more, including a little garden planter on the side. It's definitely a cool trend to raise your own chickens (pets with jobs), but you'd better check with your neighbors or crazed HOA first.

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  • Raise farm-fresh eggs and fresh herbs and vegetables to enjoy with them in this space-efficient coop-run-and-planter combination
  • Hand-built in USA from sustainably harvested western red cedar, custom milled by a local, family owned sawmill
  • Sized to comfortably house four hens - up to six if they are allowed to range freely during the day
  • Spacious, watertight interior includes two nesting boxes, removable for cleaning
  • Back door drops down for easy two-handed egg collecting with no need to bend or crouch
  • Mesh-enclosed run gives hens 25 square feet of space to forage
  • Planter box equipped with a drainage system that keeps water from falling into the run below
  • Heavy-duty mesh floor allows manure to fall through, so the coop stays clean inside
  • Chicken door and egg door lock to keep hens safe from predators
  • Vents and doors with galvanized wire mesh allow for plenty of fresh air, while keeping predators out
  • An interior perch allows hens to relax in a comfortable position
  • Ladder can be raised, via a cord above the egg door, to keep chicks safely sheltered
  • Topped with a galvanized-metal roof
  • Size: 59" sq. x 83.25" H - 245 lb

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