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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment

Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment

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Sure it's easy to take a quick photo of your cat doing something cute, funny, or malevolent, but try getting it to hold still long enough to actually pose for the camera. This cool new Cat Selfie from Bubblegum Stuff is a handy device that attaches to the top of your smartphone and has a hanging jingling bell to help grab the cat's attention just long enough to snap a proper feline selfie. Personally, I just want to see the pic of you getting mauled by the fed up cat after the photo, but maybe that's just me.

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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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Cat Selfie Hanging Bell Phone Attachment
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