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Scute - Cat Litter Scoop with Bag

Scute - Cat Litter Scoop with Bag

Scute - Cat Litter Scoop with Bag


The cool new Quirky Scute is an ingenious cat litter scopp that holds a standard grocery bag on the end allowing you to scoop, sift and bag all in one easy motion. A great solution for those who don't want to get their hands dirty cleaning the cat box and it's simplicity means it may get cleaned more often. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • Disposes of waste without getting your hands dirty
  • Can be used with bag to immediately seal waste
  • Stability ledge keep bags in place during use
  • Handle placement on top allows smooth scooping motion
  • Beveled front edge slides through litter easily
  • Smart design enables scoop to reach into far corners of litter box
  • Size: 6.75" H x 5.25" W x 8" D

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