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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!

Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!

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Squirrels are easily hands-down the ultimate nutcrackers in nature, so why not have a handy nut-cracking squirrel right next to your bowl of shelled mixed nuts? Well, despite their adorable cuteness, real squirrels tend to be unfriendly, but this cool new Squirrel Nutcracker from NorPro is the perfect alternative. Just place a shelled nut in the mouth of this heavy duty cast aluminum squirrel and then crack it with ease using the squirrel's bushy tail lever. It's perfect for almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, and more, makes a decorative conversation piece when entertaining during the holidays, and makes a whimsical gift for squirrel lovers. 🐿️

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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!
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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!
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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!
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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!
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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!
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Squirrel Nutcracker - The Ultimate Nutcracker!
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