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Crashed Flying Saucer Statue

Crashed Flying Saucer Statue

Crashed Flying Saucer Statue

Step aside garden gnomes, fashionable cement geese, that blue gazing ball thing, and plastic pink flamingos, because this cool new Crashed Flying Saucer Statue not only gives your neighborhood an out-of-this world close encounter, it also ups the bar on lawn ornament ridiculousness. Do aliens exist? Are UFOs actually from outer space? Now you can just gaze upon the wrecked flying saucer that crashed on your front lawn to know those answers, no beaming or probing are required. Now if your lame neighbors don't share your enthusiasm for decorative crashed alien spacecraft or it begins to attract UFO-obsessed conspiracy theorists, just tell them all it's a weather balloon. Pairs nicely with the equally cool Life-Size Glow-in-the-Dark Alien Statue!

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