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DynaSteam - Weed Killing Steamer

DynaSteam - Weed Killing Steamer

DynaSteam - Weed Killing Steamer

Want to easily kill all the annoying and hideous weeds taking over your lawn without spraying them with toxic chemicals? Then check out this cool new DynaSteam - Weed Killing Steamer. Just point the long wand at a dandelion, crabgrass, or other common weed, pull the trigger for a few seconds, and ordinary tap water is transformed into a blast of super-heated 311º F steam that wilts and kills weeds within 24-48 hours. The 48 oz tank provides up to 35 minutes of continuous use, quickly heats up in 10 minutes, has a pressure gauge that indicates when steam is ready, and includes a speed weeding cone attachment, a three-pronged root spike, and a precision jet tip. A safe and natural alternative to using the typical noxious weed killing chemicals around your home.

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  • Helps control common weeds with ordinary tap water rather than harmful chemicals or backbreaking labor
  • Dandelions and weeds of any kind will wilt and die within 48 hours
  • With just a 5-10 second treatment, unwanted vegetation immediately discolors and shrivels, then dies in 24-48 hours
  • Trigger unleashes a weed-wilting blast of super-heated 311º F steam at up to 65 psi
  • Controlled field tests: 100% of dandelions, crabgrass, and cudweed plants were completely killed or severely damaged with a single application
  • Long wand lets you reach weeds without kneeling or stooping
  • 48-oz. tank provides up to 35 minutes of continuous use
  • Heats up in 10 minutes and has a pressure gauge that tells you when steam is ready
  • Cone attachment smothers weeds between pavers or plants
  • Three-pronged tip for treating weeds in lawns
  • Precision tip for edging
  • Includes: DynaSteam, Speed weeding cone, Triple root spike, Precision jet tip
  • Size: 10" L x 14.5" W x 10.75" H

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