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Fish In The Garden Swimming Koi Sculptures

Fish In The Garden Swimming Koi Sculptures

Fish In The Garden Swimming Koi Sculptures

Transform the plants, shrubs, and flowers around your home into surreal aquatic waterways for these cool new Fish In The Garden Sculptures from designer Tyson Weiss. While at first glance it may look as if Japanese koi fish are somehow swimming along through the leaves and blooms, yet they're simply just mesmerizing ceramic sculptures up on tall stakes in the ground. Each faux koi is handcrafted in Maine from stoneware clay and then glazed by hand in deep cobalt blue and can survive the outdoors all year long. A great way to add a little unexpected zen to your home's landscaping or even a boring old fern indoors. Available in three sizes.

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  • Designer: Tyson Weiss
  • Deep blue ceramic koi fish conjure a dreamy, underwater scene in a garden or yard
  • Each finned beauty is slipcast and glazed by hand in a deep cobalt blue
  • Sinuous shapes seem to flow through the landscape
  • The fish can stay outdoors through all climates
  • They can also be placed underwater
  • Each comes on a stake, for easy placement,
  • Materials: stoneware clay, steel
  • Handmade in the Falmouth, Maine USA
  • Each is unique and will vary - Tail direction is random
  • Sold individually
  • Small: 10" L x 3" W x 4" H
  • Medium: 14" L x 4" W x 6" H
  • Large: 18" L x 5" W x 8" H

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