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Massive Inflatable Animated Spider

Massive Inflatable Animated Spider

Massive Inflatable Animated Spider

Whether it's Halloween or even the middle of Summer, this cool new Massive Inflatable Animated Spider will undoubtedly make your home the focal point of the entire neighborhood. This gigantic 12 foot tall inflatable arachnid-looking monster thing towers over your front lawn, frightening everyone from the annoying neighbors to any other locals wandering by. It features a huge, terrifying fanged head that moves back and forth looking for prey, creepy illuminated, color-changing eyes, and a sparkled pattern on its abdomen and thorax that reflects ambient light. It attaches securely to the ground with four included stakes and tethers (probably should take it down during a Summer twister though or it might look weird circling around in the sky), inflates in less than five minutes with a 4-watt air blower that plugs into AC with a 5' cord, and 8 legs that fiendishly spread out to either side. Thankfully, it doesn't spin giant house-covering webs.



  • 12'-tall inflatable spider
  • Moves its gruesome 30"-wide head back and forth
  • Spider's head swivels 60° side-to-side
  • Both eyes are each illuminated by two integrated LEDs that change colors from a devilish red to a supernatural green
  • 4-watt air blower plugs into AC with a 5' cord
  • Inflation in less than five minutes
  • Sparkled pattern on its abdomen and thorax that reflects ambient light to ensure its presence is noticed
  • Made from strong, light, and durable polyester taffeta and PVC
  • Remains firmly fixed to the ground with four stakes and tethers
  • Size: 12' H x 10' W x 3 1/2' D. (37 1/2 lbs.)

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