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Animated Haunted Typewriter

Animated Haunted Typewriter

Animated Haunted Typewriter

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Want to put a little old-fashioned technological fright into your unsuspecting guests this Halloween, who will most likely be staring at and texting on their smartphones like complete zombies? Then simply set out this antique yet cool new Animated Haunted Typewriter amongst your spooky decorations and when it detects a presence using its motion sensor, it will come to life and endlessly type out HELP on real paper with a letterhead from the Transylvania Hotel all by itself. To complete the frightful illusion, this seemingly real typewriter features typing sound effects, animated depressing keys, and a paper carriage that moves from side-to-side automatically. All it needs is a victim and 3 AA batteries - no actual ghost required. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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