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Inflatable Headless Horseman Illusion Costume

Inflatable Headless Horseman Illusion Costume

Inflatable Headless Horseman Illusion Costume


This Halloween, don't be afraid, be feared as the legendary Headless Horseman as you ride alone on your demonic steed into the cold autumn night, looking to decapitate a few unfortunate trick-or-treater's heads who happen to cross your path. If they should somehow escape the slicing blade of your sword, by crossing a bridge, simply grab your severed flaming pumpkin head and throw it at them as a hellish sign to never return.

Well, the experience will be something like that when you step into the cool new Inflatable Headless Horseman Costume. This three-dimensional costume self-inflates with a built-in fan to create the amazing illusion that you are the cursed Headless Horseman riding up on your horse holding your pumpkin head in your hand. It is available in a one-size fits most adults, includes the costume, battery pack and fan and has a small zipper opening on the inside of the costume to allow for your hand to be free to use. Now go out and terrorize that coward Ichabod Crane before he tries to steal any of your candy!

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