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Massive Stranger Things Demogorgon Inflatable Yard Sprinkler

Massive Stranger Things Demogorgon Inflatable Yard Sprinkler

This cool new yet quite 1980s Stranger Things Demogorgon inflatable Yard Sprinkler lets you have a huge Demogorgon monster from the Upside Down parallel dimension right in your very own backyard terrifying everyone all the while effectively relieving the heat of a hot summer day. This massive 6.5 foot tall inflatable Demogorgon has the same purple humanoid body with elongated arms and bizarre head that opens like flower to reveal sharp teeth and a mouth that sprays water out across your backyard. Just inflate it and connect a garden hose to begin the frightful fun - no secret laboratory lasers required. It sure beats an inflatable Eleven sprinkler that sprays blood from her nose.


  • Stranger Things Demogorgon huge 6.5 foot tall inflatable sprinkler
  • Adorned with spiky teeth, the flowering head of a monster, and a giant purple body
  • It may look terrifying but it's nothing but fun
  • Just inflate it and connect a standard garden hose. Turn on the water and voila! Water starts flowing out of the Demogorgon’s head!
  • Seeing a Demogorgon in your back yard might be frightening, but a hot summer day with no way to cool off is considerably worse

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