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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs

Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs

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Boiling water seems like a simple thing, but if you watch the pot it never seems to boil and when you look away it suddenly boils in dangerous frothy mess. The solution is this cool new Ceramic Pot Minder from JBK Pottery. Just drop this handy little ceramic disc with a friendly chef imprinted on the top into a pot of water, turn up the heat, and enjoy a little extra peace-of-mind. Once the water begins to boil, the disc naturally modifies the size and number of bubbles rising to the top of the pot preventing most boil overs. It even chatters in the bottom of the pot giving you an audible alert that it's ok to watch again. It's made in Canada from non-porous fully vitrified porcelain ceramic and is reusable over and over again whether you're cooking pasta, soups, potatoes, vegetables, or even warming milk. Great inexpensive kitchen solution.

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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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Ceramic Pot Minder - Prevents Messy Boil Overs
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