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Genuine Lifesize Lost In Space B-9 Robot!

Genuine Lifesize Lost In Space B-9 Robot!

Genuine Lifesize Lost In Space B-9 Robot!

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Danger, Will Robinson!!! - Robot (Lost in Space)

This just may be the coolest thing ever featured on this site, at least for me. I just need to come out and say this, I am a complete and utter Lost in Space dork. I grew up on the re-runs of this show and was still completely blown away as a child. Every chance I could get, I would watch the incredible adventures of the lost Space Family Robinson, the evil scheming Dr. Zachary Smith, the spaceship Jupiter 2 and of course, the lovable Robot. It was all just totally awesome to me and let's not forget the incredible music too, composed by none other than a very young John Williams!

Well, finally, finally, I can have a Genuine Lifesize Lost In Space B-9 Robot of my very own! Not only is it a near perfect 6 1/2-foot, animatronic, remote-controlled, working replica, it also has the same flashing lights, animated ear sensors, clawed arms, soil sampler, rotating torso and head and it even speaks through a 240-watt audio system with 511 pre-recorded phrases performed by the original voice of the robot, Dick Tufeld. Thankfully, it does not come with original actor Bob May still inside. Best of all, it even has the robot's removeable power pack on the side, which can be pulled and he shuts down with an "Aaghhhhhh...", just like on the show! So, if anyone is wondering what I really, really want for Christmas, yep, this it it! Cool huh?

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