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Built Ford Tough - Branding Iron

Built Ford Tough - Branding Iron

Built Ford Tough - Branding Iron

I drive a black Ford Ranger and it really is "Built Ford Tough", er for the most part. The power windows have failed me twice now, so those aren't too tough, but I still think the slogan holds up. Well, Ford has come out with a really cool accessory that literally is branding at its best, the Built Ford Tough - Branding Iron. Yes, just stick this solid brass "Built Ford Tough" branding iron with natural hardwood handle and rawhide hanging strap into some searing hot charcoal or over a flame on the grill for a bit. When your steaks or hamburgers are finally ready, emblazon them with Ford's stamp of approval. Great gift for any Ford truck owner and a must have at tailgating parties!

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