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Giant Inflatable Ornaments

Giant Inflatable Ornaments

Giant Inflatable Ornaments

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Your outdoor holiday decorating isn't complete until you dominate your front lawn with some massive inflatables, like these cool new Giant Inflatable Ornaments. These humongous ornaments come in a set of three: one 24" green ball, one 30" gold ball and one 36" red ball. They're made from durable PVC that is lightweight, weatherproof and fade-resistant and includes a foot pump to quickly inflate them in minutes. Depending on your decorative plans, they can be staked down to the ground to prevent liftoff during blizzards using the included clear stakeable stand, but I think it would just be cooler to hang them from a giant lighted tree or evergreen. I supposed you could fill them with helium too and let them float around indoors!

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