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Musical Handcrafted Essential Oil Diffuser

Musical Handcrafted Essential Oil Diffuser

Musical Handcrafted Essential Oil Diffuser

Seeking balance in your life? Then check out this cool new Five Sense Aroma Diffuser. This unique and stylish diffuser, handcrafted from maple hard wood and hand-blown glass, atomizes pure essential oils, plays traditional Chinese music, and illuminates using serene LED lighting. Once relaxed and re-balanced, simply use the included remote to shut down the peaceful tranquility and trudge back into the real world.



  • Aroma diffuser atomizes pure essential oils while playing traditional Chinese music
  • Inspired by an ancient Chinese musical instrument
  • Handcrafted maple hard wood
  • Hand-blown glass diffuser
  • Diffuses pure essential oils into the room
  • Built-in MP3 connection
  • Tranquil LED lights create serene atmosphere
  • Convenient remote control operation

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