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Bottle Humidifier Mini

Bottle Humidifier Mini

Bottle Humidifier Mini

This Winter, when you just can't take the cold dry weather any longer, but don't want to drag out some monstrously hideous humidifier, simply reach for this cool new Bottle Humidifier Mini instead. This sleek, stylish, and very minimalist portable humidifier is precision engineered to produce soothing cool mist and look outstanding doing it. Just fill the bottle with pure water, distilled if you have it, plug it into a USB port, and enjoy the cool mist it produces by drawing the water up through the filter in the center into the ultrasonic humidifier in the aluminum cap. It holds enough water for 8 hours of relief in smaller spaces like your office or cubicle, bedside table, hotel room, car, or anywhere you have access to USB power.

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