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Himalayan Salt Lamp Cat

Himalayan Salt Lamp Cat

Himalayan Salt Lamp Cat

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Himalayan salt lamps are said to release negative ions that help to freshen and purify the air, promote positive mental and emotional health, help one sleep, and more. The actual amount of beneficial negative ions released by a Himalayan salt lamp seems to be a big debate though; however, when one of these lamps is shaped like a cat, one's overall mood should perk up irregardless of ion counts. This cool new Himalayan Salt Lamp Cat is crafted from 100% natural pink Himalayan salt rock, is shaped like a cat, and emits a soft glow from the lightbulb warming it from inside its core. Best of all, this zen-like cat lamp doesn't shed or get dander all over everything, so the air quality is automatically better, negative ions or not.

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