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Mast Eco Humidifier - Made From Natural Japanese Cypress Wood

Mast Eco Humidifier - Made From Natural Japanese Cypress Wood

The cool new Mast Eco Humidifier by designer Shin Okada is a natural humidifier inspired by boat sails that's handcrafted from aromatic Hinoki Japanese cypress, the same wood used in traditional masu sake cups. Just fill the bottom container with water and let the sail-like wooden sheets on top absorb the water. It then naturally humidifies a room up to 6 times faster than water just sitting in a bowl and releases the pleasant aroma of the Japanese cypress as well. A unique, sculptural, and environmentally friendly way to add beneficial and soothing moisture to the dry air in a room.


  • Designer: Shin Okada
  • Made from Japanese cypress (with urethane resin coating)
  • Environmentally friendly approach to improving air quality
  • Inspired by a yacht sail - flutters in the breeze and adds natural moisture to the dry air
  • Releases the pleasant aroma of Japanese cypress
  • Just add water - sail will absorb and gently diffuse the moisture
  • Sail color will change naturally over time
  • Wooden humidifier is handmade by a craftsman
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Size: 2.2" x 8" x 5.6"

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