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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier

R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier

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No matter whether your room on Earth is as dry as a frigid winter on the planet Hoth, a dusty summer on Tatooine, or the static-electrified bowels of the Death Star, then you need this cool new R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier. When not fixing X-Wing fighters, helping out the Rebels, bickering with C-3PO, or fixing HyperDrives, this handy multi-tasking AstroMech droid can also dispense soothing ultrasonic cool mist from atop his dome. Just fill Artoo up with half a gallon of clean distilled water from a Moisture Vaporator if possible (not filthy water from the swamps of Dagobah) and let him humidify the air for up to 12 hours using 10 different moisture settings. It even has a built-in nightlight for young Padawans.

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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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R2-D2 Tabletop Humidifier
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