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SpillNot - No-Spill Coffee Mug Carrier

SpillNot - No-Spill Coffee Mug Carrier

SpillNot - No-Spill Coffee Mug Carrier

Walking with a coffee cup from the coffee machine to a destination may seem like a easy task, but some of us simply fail to make it without spilling. The solution is the cool new SpillNot. Just place your filled mug onto this handy carrier, lift by the nylon strap and walk around fearlessly without spilling a drop. It's not magic, it's just physics and your carpets will love you.


  • Genius invention that lets you carry a full cup without spilling it
  • Put the cup on the base, lift and carry SpillNot by the strap
  • You can even do tricks (with some practice!)
  • Black plastic base with non-slip coaster and woven nylon strap
  • Size: 7.5" T x 6.25" W - 4.5" wide base for mug

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