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Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!

Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!

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Tired of spilling from a filled to the brim martini glass when you're already tipsy? Afraid that dumping in an entire jar of olives to a full bottle of gin or vodka, glancing over at a bottle of dry Vermouth, and then chugging it all down is kind of a bad look at parties? Then check out this cool new Giant Martini Glass. This oversized 25 oz martini glass can hold up to 4-6 regular martinis at a time or just one cocktail if you're extra prone to spilling them. You said that you're only having one drink tonight, so go big, really big, but do it RESPONSIBLY, of course. Hmm, a gigantic martini glass of this immense proportion is definitely going to need this Massive Cocktail Shaker as well.

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Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray and Whiskey Coaster
When you finally find the time to relax and enjoy life while sipping a generous pour of fine whisk(e)y and puffing on a great cigar, you might want this cool new Kentucky Double Cigar Ashtray and Whiskey Coaster beside you.
Benedict Decanter
This angled liquor decanter has a sleek, modern design with a unique perfume bottle-inspired stopper on top.
Beer Opening Glass
Bottle openers keep wandering off? This beer glass has two built-in stainless steel bottle openers on the bottom and side for opening both traditional caps and screw-tops.
Black and Tan Beer Layering Tool and Glass Set
Just fill the included glass halfway with a lager or pale ale, place the stainless steel tool on top of the glass, then slowly pour a stout or other dark beer on top of it to evenly dispense it until the the glass is full, and... Voila! A perfect layered Black and Tan has been poured!
The Booze Belt
You'll be packing plenty of boozy firepower with two side holsters to secure your favorite bottles of poison and loaded up with six shot gun shell shot glasses in the ammo holders.
Recycled Jack Daniel's Bottle Soap Dispenser
A Jack Daniel's whiskey bottle that's been upcycled into a brilliant soap dispenser for your man cave's wet bar sink or bathroom.
Shark Attack Glass Beer Mug
Just when you thought it was safe to have a beer or even better a bloody mary, suddenly.... SHARK!!!
Fiesta Serape Drink Cozy
Helps to keep your hands warm, your cerveza cold and your fiesta entirely more festive.
Spherical Fish Bowl Glasses
Clear spherical drinking vessels with lids and reusable straws. Perfect for accident prone people, keeping out flying insects, and just looking cool.

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Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
Comfort Food? Try comfortable food with this unique stoneware bowl / mug with a big ergonomic handle that allows your entire hand to slip through and warm it.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
I love Japanese Sake, but I've never had it served in a Masu - Square Cedar Sake Cup. The tradition goes that you place the wooden Masu on a saucer and pour the cold Sake in until it overflows, then choose a corner and sip away. Supposedly the cedar enhances the flavor and aroma. Great gift for Sake lovers.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
This horn-shaped pint glass is the perfect beer drinking vessel for chugging down cold ones at epic feasts, backyard BBQs, sporting events, man caves, or after any victory or good conquering.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
A unique coffee holding vessel with a familiar hole and peg surface that can be built upon using most toy construction bricks.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
No matter whether you're nervously waiting for an alien abduction, prepping for an alien invasion, or are just watching movies about aliens of all kinds, then relax and sip a cold one from this cool new UFO Beer Glass.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
The gigantic party cups in this version of the classic flip cup game hold about a gallon each, but I guess you don't have to fill them all the way.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
These futuristic stemless Champagne flutes are crafted from hand-blown borosilicate glass and have a unique double-wall insulated shape to ensure the glass stays condensation free while the Champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling wine inside stays extra chilled.
Giant Martini Glass - Holds 4-6 Regular Martinis!
A magnificent fusion of modern stainless steel and classic porcelain combined to create a tea cup truly befitting this ancient beverage.

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