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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!

Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!

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No matter whether you're making a giant club sandwich, have colossal olives for a mega-sized martini, like to serve up humungous chunks of cheese and full-sized sausages as party appetizers, or are an actual giant needing to clean your teeth after a feast, then check out this cool new Gigantic frilled Toothpick from Great Big Stuff. This oversized wooden frilly toothpick is just like the real thing except it's 3 feet long and can be thrown like a javelin... hmm, don't throw it. It's available with either a red, green, blue, or amber frilled end or a complete set of 4, but a humongous matching toothpick box is not included.

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These fancy kiln-dried toothpicks are infused with an Islay single malt Scotch from a 200-year-old distillery and come in a set of 12 in a corked bottle.
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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Gigantic Wooden Frilled Toothpick - 3 Foot Long!
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