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Goat Story Coffee Mug / Drinking Horn

Goat Story Coffee Mug / Drinking Horn

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The cool new yet certainly retro inspired Goat Story Coffee Mug combines a 100% leak proof coffee mug with a goat horn-shaped drinking vessel. At first glance, this unique design may seem impractical, but its curved horn shape makes for a great feel in the hand, while its faux leather sleeve holder provides a great grip and even doubles as a convenient stand when it's time to set the horn down. Best of all, it includes a handy cross-body strap to hold it hands free while you're on the go. It's constructed from BPA-Free polypropylene that keeps hot beverages warm for up to 2 hours, has a leak proof design, and is dishwasher safe. Everyone gathered around the office breakroom will surely envy your legendary coffee drinking horn.

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Goat Story Coffee Mug / Drinking Horn
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Goat Story Coffee Mug / Drinking Horn
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Goat Story Coffee Mug / Drinking Horn
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Goat Story Coffee Mug / Drinking Horn
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