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HyperChiller - One Minute Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller - One Minute Iced Coffee Maker

If you love iced coffee, iced tea, or even chilled liquors and want to prevent the flavor from getting diluted by melting ice cubes, then check out this cool new HyperChiller. Just place the HyperChiller in your freezer first and then place beneath a single serve coffee machine like a Keurig or just pour in hot coffee, tea, wine, whiskey, etc. on top and then give it a few swirls. In only a minute you'll be enjoying a chilled beverage that's been cooled down by up to 130+ degrees without dilution (add a minute for brews larger than 8 oz). It features a multi-chamber ice design that keeps the ice and coffee separated with two layers of food grade stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and hold up to 12.5 oz. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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