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DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!

DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!

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This cool new DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker produces cold brew coffee that is less acidic, less bitter, and much creamier and smoother than hot coffee in under 9 minutes, which is obviously much, much faster than waiting the usual 12-24 hours. It uses VacuPress technology, which is a pressurized brewing process for extracting the maximum flavor from the coffee grounds in just minutes using no heat. It features three strength settings, holds and stores up to 40 oz in the glass carafe, includes a reusable filter and hopper, has handy brewing process indicator lights, and can even be used to brew fresh iced tea from your favorite loose leaf teas as well. Best of all, it basically pays for itself when you skip driving to the expensive coffee shop every day. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Wouldn't the world be a better place if googly eyes were on everything?
Kikkerland Coffee Drip Cold Brewer
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Do you want to know a secret ingredient that you can add to any recipe with chocolate in it that will dramatically enhance it with a deeper and richer flavor?
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DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
This all-in-one waffle cone making kit has everything you need to get started, minus the ice cream. It includes a nonstick fast-heating griddle with temperature control, a wooden cone roller, a metal cone holder with four rotating arms and a 3 lb. mix.
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
Have any clue what's really in store bought dog biscuits? The manufacturer probably doesn't either, so treat your dog right and make healthier pet treats at home using quality ingredients with this cool new dehydrator just for pets.
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
This commercial-size Granita Frozen Drink Maker will be the hit of any outdoor soiree. Set the timer on this deluxe blender to freeze liquid before the party, so guests can easily dispense iced and slushy beverages at your preferred consistency.
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
I loved the original Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker and the new upgraded model the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker 2000 is even better. It has double the ice, nearly double the power and a nice new design. On their next model, I hope they double the pitcher size, because it's always margarita time here at Green Head Headquarters!
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
Futuristic smart toaster with a touchscreen that allows you to customize the toasting process of 2 slices of bread at the same time for personalized perfection.
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
This smart pizza oven reaches temperatures up 750 degrees F, so you can bake an authentic wood-fired-style pizza in only 2 minutes... right on your countertop.
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
A portable robotic bartender capable of quickly and accurately making up to 600 different drinks with just a few taps on its touchscreen interface.
DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
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DASH Rapid Cold Brew Coffee Maker - 9 Minutes!
This hardcore mini fridge is disguised as an iconic Marshall amplifier made with classic Marshall parts including authentic logos, control knobs that go to 11, inputs and facing.

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