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WindowFX - Animated Halloween / Christmas Scene Projector

WindowFX - Animated Halloween / Christmas Scene Projector

WindowFX - Animated Halloween / Christmas Scene Projector


Sure you can carve some pumpkins, play some spooky music, and hang fake cobwebs around your home, but if you want to take your Halloween decorating to the next level check out this cool new WindowFX - Animated Halloween / Christmas Scene Projector. This inexpensive, all-in-one digital decorating kit includes a miniature projector, tripod, remote control, and window projection material that allows you to display realistic animated scenes of ghoulish ghosts, dancing skeletons, swarms of zombies, shadowy silhouettes of creepy monsters, and more right on your windows or wall. It includes an SD card pre-loaded with five Halloween and three Christmas AtmosFX digital decorations (additional scenes can be purchased separately as digital downloads and loaded onto the card). It's perfect for truly adding a cool new dimension to your holiday decor and even makes a great prank device the rest of the year. Check out the video demo below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Displays animated, three-dimensional paranormal Halloween scenes or jubilant Christmas scenes out a window or on a wall
  • Displays lifelike zombies, skeletons, and apparitions up to 6'-tall on the inside of a window
  • Includes: Digital projector, Tripod, Remote control, Window Projection Material, 8 scenes (3 Christmas and 5 Halloween) on an SD card
  • Color: 16.7K
  • Brightness: 150 LUX
  • Image System: TFT LCD
  • Lamp life: 5000 hours
  • Projection Size: 30" to 100"
  • Output: 3.5mm earphone
  • Audio: Built-in Speakers
  • Input: USB/SD
  • Standard Window Projection Material: 4' x 6' - 86.5" diagonal
  • Dancing Dead, from Bone Chillers
  • Beckoning Beauty, from Ghostly Apparitions
  • Frankenstein, from Tricks and Treats

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