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Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel

Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel

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Does your lazy, pampered cat need some exercise? Taking an indoor cat for a walk outside is usually not going to happen, unless you like carrying a cat around, so check out this cool new Giant Cat Treadmill Exercise Wheel from South Korea instead. Like a giant hamster wheel for cats, this extra large 47" diameter circular treadmill silently rotates while they run on the ultra-wide carpeted track that can hold up to 2 cats at a time. It features a moving fish toy embedded in the track to help keep their attention while they run (they don't have phones to watch like us), is constructed from durable premium birch wood and designed with the 7:3 golden ratio for optimal rollability, has water-resistant carpeting on the running track, includes a pin-brake system for extra safety, and it can support up to a whopping 176 lbs. Hmm, if you put it in your home gym next to your treadmill, you can workout together! Hmm, now I'm jealous of the cat and want a huge human-sized treadmill wheel for myself to run and walk on, while staring at my phone. 😼

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Wool Cat Tree
This unique cat bed / cave is handmade from natural wool in the shape of a miniature gnarled old tree.
Cat Genie - Automatic Flushing Litter Box
This is quite simply the coolest litter box ever! It's self-flushing, self-washing and well, I can't even describe it, except that it is way better than my toilet in every way. Watch the demonstration video playing below and let us know in the Comments if your cat is spoiled & pampered enough for a litter box of this magnitude!
Spinning Exercise Wheel Cat Tree
A multi-level cat tree with a built-in spinning exercise wheel that should satisfy most of their running, scratching, climbing, playing, and napping needs.
Pet Observation Porthole For Fences
This clear acrylic dome gives an inquisitive pet a panoramic view of the world beyond the fence and helps satisfy their natural curiosity while maintaining safety and security.
Doggie Dining Table
This adjustable hardwood dinner tray designed just for dogs, keeps their food and water bowls up and off the floor and at a comfortable natural position.
Calypso Cat Scratcher
Just set this modern cat scratcher out anywhere in your home as a stylish, decorative accent and it doubles as a functional, thrashable scratching post that your cat can sink their claws into safely!
Star Wars Lightsaber Illuminated Dog Leash w/ Sound Effects
No matter whether you're a Star Wars fan, have a dog named Chewbacca, or just want to safely light up the Dark Side for better visibility while walking your furry best friend, then check out this cool new Star Wars Lightsaber Illuminated Dog Leash.
Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys - Executive Set
Brine shrimp never looked so good as in this newly decorated black and gold accented tank equipped with a ventilated lid and a mound of gold on the bottom. Like always, this set includes everything you need to hatch, feed and grow them and they are guaranteed to hatch & grow for two years.
Cat Rope Bridge
This rickety looking rope bridge inspired from the movies and maybe ones still found crossing huge chasms in the middle of a jungle has been miniaturized down in scale for adventurous felines to play on, cross, or snooze upon.

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Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
This tightrope teaches the basics of funambulism, developing concentration, balance, and coordination skills as you traverse a 10 foot long tightrope stretched taut between two platforms.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
Innovative, lightweight exercise bike has a built-in sliding platform to hold your laptop while you workout. Great at the office, home, or anytime you want to move while endlessly trapped behind screens.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
This high-tech pedometer not only tracks the elapsed time, number of steps and total distance traveled, it also automatically monitors the temperature and relative humidity to predict fluid loss and alerts you when it's time to re-hydrate.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
A lightweight and portable hands-free exercise bike designed to work the core muscles and provide a cardiovascular workout while you leisurely sit at a desk, watch tv, read a book, stare at your smartphone, or perform other seated activities.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
More than a pedometer which only measures steps taken, this accelerometer uses a precision motion sensor, similar to the technology that NASA uses to monitor the movements of astronauts in space, to calculate total physical activity.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
Now you can pedal away throughout the work day to help keep your body moving, get a cardio workout, and boost your productivity.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
Practice your forehand, backhand, dinks, and touch shots as it automatically tosses up to 15 pickleballs at you, 1 every 8 seconds, before needing to reload.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
Unlike traditional hula hoops that always seem to fall down and get boring quick, this cool new Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is designed for fitness and locks in around your waist as a tethered 1.5 pound ball swings around the 360 degree track to help you burn fat, lose weight, tone your figure, get a massage, and have fun doing it.
Star Cat Wheel - Giant Cat Treadmill / Exercise Wheel
An on-collar activity monitor for dogs that tracks their daily activities including walks, play, and rest and sends the data to a free app for your smartphone or tablet to analyze the visual summary.

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