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PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser

PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser

PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser

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PEZ is not just a treat for humans anymore. The cool new PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser is an oversized version of the classic candy dispenser that serves up little bone-shaped biscuits instead. Just like the original, you load up the dispenser with six treats (refills available) and when ready, tilt back either the Beagle or Hound Dog head to pop out a single all natural dog biscuit. Unfortunately, since PEZ dispensers are highly collectible, your furry best friend may decide to bury theirs out in the yard.



  • Functional 10" Pez dispenser that serves up dog biscuits
  • Comes with 6 yummy dog treats
  • Treats are made in the USA of all natural materials
  • Ingredients: Potato starch, vegetable glycerin, rice flour, chicken, carrot, natural flavor, celery, lecithin, monoglycerides, beet, dried lettuce, dried parsley, dried spinach, dried watercress and sorbic acid
  • Dispenser includes 6 treats
  • Refill pack contains 12 treats
  • Choose: Beagle or Hound Dog

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