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Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

You've never played with silly putty quite as cool as Liquid Glass Thinking Putty. Unlike the old-school pink goo, this modern putty is made from silicone rubber and is completely transparent. Knead it, roll it, twist it, tear it, or even bounce it and when you return it to it's storage tin, it melts back down into a weird, crystal clear pool. It's not as intelligent as liquid metal, but you will be lost in thought as you waste some time at the office contemplating this strange substance.



  • Liquid Glass stretches, bounces, tears, and is completely crystal clear
  • Tear, fuse, knead, roll and bounce into shape
  • Melts back into a tidy puddle when you're done for easy storing
  • Materials: silicone-based inert non-toxic synthetic rubber - contains no latex/wheat compounds.
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 4" Diameter x 1" H - 3.2 oz.

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