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Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot

Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot

Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot

There's nothing better than disrupting the entire office on a slow day or any day for that matter. If you agree, you need a Screaming Flying Monkey Slingshot. This cute little plush super monkey is wearing a cape and a mask for a reason. He's about to fly!

Simply insert two fingers into the pockets of the monkey's hands, pull back on the monkey's legs with your other hand until his stretched rubber arms can go no further, aim up and over your cubicle and release. Now wait with excited mischievous glee until you hear the monkey's piercing screams, along with the rest of the previously silent terrified office workers. Although this screaming monkey slingshot can be great fun, you should probably avoid using while in church or on airlines.

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