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Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle

Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle

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If you find flat, two-dimensional jigsaw puzzles to be way too easy, then take your skills to the next dimension with this cool new 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle from Clemens Habicht. This unique 540 piece jigsaw puzzle depicting a colorful gradient of hues assembles into a three-dimensional sphere when completed. Each puzzle piece is an individual color that fits together with the next color in the gradient spectrum until a 3D globe emerges. Unlike traditional jigsaw puzzles that you feel bad about breaking up and returning the box afterwards, this one includes a handy stand for putting the color-tinted sphere proudly on display... until your cat knocks it off the shelf onto the dog below, who then eats just one of the pieces.

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Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle
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Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle
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Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle
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Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle
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Clemens Habicht 540 Colors 3D Sphere Jigsaw Puzzle
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