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Minimalist Snowball Snow Globe - All Snow!

Minimalist Snowball Snow Globe - All Snow!

Minimalist Snowball Snow Globe - All Snow!

Forget little trees, little houses, little animals, or little anything, because this cool new Snowball Snow Globe from CoolSnowGlobes is for festive minimalists who want to see snow and only snow swirling around inside a freshly shaken snow globe. This simple snow globe is just snow and globe with nothing else inside besides water to interfere with your love of watching it flutter and fall. It's perfect for displaying year round as curious decor, relieving stress and restoring inner zen during the frantic holidays, or just staring at all day while at the office when bored out of your mind. Just give it a good shake, place it back on its piano black base, and watch as only sparkling snowflakes swirl around and peacefully fall back upon themselves rather than on some traditional cutesy figurine. Obviously, this is one snowball that you don't want to throw in a snowball fight. ❄️

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