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Crunching Snowball Simulator

Crunching Snowball Simulator

Crunching Snowball Simulator

The cool new Crunching Snowball Simulator from designer Helena Mattila is meant to simulate the look, feel and sound of real snow, minus the frostbite, for occupants of snowless locales who've always wanted to experience the thrilling tactile sensation of packing a real snowball. It can also be used as a unique stress ball or as a training device for practicing your snowball packing technique if you do happen to live in snowy climates.



  • Designer: Helena Mattila
  • Meant to simulate the look, feel and sound of real snow
  • Now occupants of snowless locales can hold onto a small piece of their own winter wonderland without the risk of it melting
  • Materials: rubber, seeds
  • Size: 2.5" diameter

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