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Motorized Boxing Bumper Cars

Motorized Boxing Bumper Cars

Motorized Boxing Bumper Cars

Since I was a kid, I've dreamt of seeing giant killer robots square off in the boxing ring to brutally crush each other into junkyard scrap metal and now in the 21st century I finally can... well, sort of. These cool new Motorized Boxing Bumper Cars let two human combatants slug it out as roving robotic machines. After you and your opponent slip inside the protective steel cage cockpits of your battle bots, grab the thumb-triggered buttons on the two independent joysticks to control the two pneumatic-powered, tire-tread-fisted arms and unleash a punishing onslaught of rock 'em, sock 'em uppercuts. To score a point, just aim for the other robot's head and knock it backwards and you can keep track of your score on the front-mounted display on each robot's mid-section. Each robot features a Honda gas engine that powers hidden wheels up to 3 mph forward, backward, left and right, a sturdy steel frame with fiberglass and aluminum body panels and a five hour fuel capacity for uninterrupted bouts. They're only $17,000, so a fun and affordable stocking stuffer for the 1%.

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  • Motorized boxers controlled by two drivers who battle to deliver chin-lifting uppercuts for victory
  • Thumb-triggered buttons on two independent joysticks activate two pneumatic-powered, tire-tread-fisted arms
  • Honda gas engine powers each robot's hidden wheels up to 3 mph for forward, backward, and left and right spins
  • A driver up to 300 lbs. sits inside the robot's protective steel cage cockpit
  • Successful hits send an opposing robot's head back, scoring a point
  • Each vehicle has a bumper that keeps sparring pugilists at the optimal distance for scoring
  • Front-mounted display in each robot's mid-section tallies successful scoring punches
  • Fuel capacity provides up to five hours of uninterrupted bouts
  • Built-in rechargeable 12-volt battery provides power for the electronics
  • Sturdy steel frame with fiberglass and aluminum body panels.
  • Size: 74" H x 59" W x 62" D - 850 lbs

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