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Broksonic Tower Hybrid Humidifier

Broksonic Tower Hybrid Humidifier

Broksonic Tower Hybrid Humidifier

I hate Winter. It's cold, dry, snowy, icy, and all the needed humidifiers are obnoxious-looking eyesores. Well, form finally meets function with this cool new Broksonic Tower Hybrid Humidifier. This sleek, space-saving humidifier not only relieves the miserable dry Winter air with soothing cool mist, it's also a soothing item to behold - no need to hide it in total embarrassment when people come over. Unlike most humidifiers, it doesn't have any visible vents or spouts, has a minimal 5" diameter footprin, and runs for up to 20 consecutive hours before needing to refill its generous 91 oz removable water tank.

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  • Streamlined, geometric form does not include any visible vents or spouts
  • Space-saving 5" diameter footprint
  • Distributes cool mist that evaporates in the air, improving air moisture without dampening surroundings
  • 91-oz. removable water tank that allows it to run for up to 20 consecutive hours before requiring a refill
  • 3 Fan settings
  • 3 Humidity settings
  • Intended for rooms up to 650' sq
  • Includes a remote control
  • Size: 24" H x 5" Diameter

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