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VillaWare Brushed Stainless Pizza Chopper

VillaWare Brushed Stainless Pizza Chopper

I said before that I have the toughest time with cutting pizzas with the rolling wheel pizza cutters, they don't cut well and are always a pain to clean. I discovered an interesting new way with the cool Pizza Scissors, but what I really wanted was a machete. Well I found the next best thing with VillaWare Brushed Stainless 14" Pizza Chopper. This pizza chopper is basically just a giant sharpened cutting blade, just like those used in pizzerias. Just a few rocking motions around the pizza pie gets the job done and cleaning a smooth blade is a snap. What's even nicer is that this isn't just for pizzas, you could use it to chop vegetables, slice sandwiches or hack your way through an overgrown jungle. I highly recommend this if you are tired of messing around with those stupid wheel cutters.

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