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Daewoo Pizza Maker and Microwave Oven Combo

Daewoo Pizza Maker and Microwave Oven Combo

Daewoo Pizza Maker and Microwave Oven Combo

I really love pizza and I was looking for one of those cool countertop commercial pizza ovens like you see in bars. I found a great selection of them here, but the one that really caught my eye during my extensive "research", was the Daewoo Stainless Steel Pizza Maker & Microwave Combo. If you're going to have a professional commercial grade pizza oven on your counter, it might as well take up less space and be combined with a built-in microwave. I'm totally getting one of these for the Green Head HQ break room. Great idea for dorm rooms too, stop spending money ordering out, think about it.

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  • 1000 watts for microwave
  • 12-Inch diameter pizza cooking
  • 10 power levels on microwave
  • One-touch cooking
  • Stainless door
  • Auto cooking
  • 5 auto reheating menus (fresh vegetable, frozen vegetable, beverage, soup, meal plate)
  • 3 handy helper menus (melt chocolate, soft cream cheese, melt butter)
  • 2 kids menus (hot dog, frozen sandwich)
  • 2 baby meals (baby milk, baby porridge)
  • 4 snack cook times (nachos, cheese sticks, potato skins, chicken wings)
  • Popcorn
  • Clock key

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