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Original Cider-Tasting Mug

Original Cider-Tasting Mug

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If you're a bit of a seasonal cider or hard cider lover, then check out this cool new Original Cider-Tasting Mug from 33 Books Co. Like a wine glass does for wine, this taste enhancing cider vessel is specifically designed to concentrate the fruity aromas in the tapered neck and deliver them to your nose while you sip. It's handcrafted in Portland, Oregon from insulating ceramic to help keep the cider cool and also features a wide mouth to help your nose really get in there, a smooth, bright white glazed interior for evaluating the cider's color and clarity, a raw ceramic exterior for a great grip, and an engraving on the bottom of the mug that creates nucleation points for the releasing of dissolved carbon dioxide AKA bubbles. It's also nice that tasty cider finally has it's own mug.

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